Friday, 29 July 2011

Route advice for travellers to Kendal Calling...

Cumbria Police are urging people heading to Kendal Calling, which is being held on the Lowther Estate near Penrith, to exit the M6 at J39, and make their way north along the A6 in order to reach the site. This route avoids major roadworks ongoing on Kemplay roundabout on the A66 at Eamont Bridge, which are causing tailbacks in the Penrith area. Details of the best route to Kendal Calling are detailed on the festival tickets and posted on yellow motorway signs on the M6.

Update: Operation Big Brother

During yesterday’s (28 July) operation, eleven people were arrested on suspicion of theft, from the Frizington, Flimby, Maryport, Parton and Workington areas, two have been charged.

Richard John Dunn, aged 31, of Yeathouse Road, Frizington, was charged with two offences of theft by finding.

Adam Meekley, aged 30, of Poole Road, Salterbeck, was also charged with two offences of theft by finding.

Both will appear at Workington Magistrates Court on 12 August 2011.

DS George Atkinson said “This has been a successful operation. Eleven people were arrested and we have sent the message out that theft of metal will not be tolerated by the police. We are taking a strong stance against this and today’s operation should disrupt this activity.
We will continue to investigate and would ask the public to report anything they believe to be suspicious to the police. You can contact the police on 0845 33 00 247 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111”

Officers conduct property searches in West Cumbria to target metal theft

West Cumbrian police officers and the British Transport Police conducted a number of searches yesterday to disrupt metal thefts in the county.

In a dedicated operation, properties of those suspected to be involved in the theft of metal were searched and 6 people were arrested by lunchtime, with the operation continuing throughout the day.

The British Transport Police have also been searching scrap yards in the area, checking for stolen metal which has been sold onto them.

Properties in the Workington, Maryport, Cockermouth, Frizington and Parton areas were searched and items such as a aluminum beer barrel was recovered and a pick-up truck with a large quantity of metal, including washing machines, metal fences, radiators and piping was seized.

Detective Sergeant George Atkinson, who led the operation, said: “The theft of metal is a national problem due to the current high price of metal. It can have an effect on the whole community because it’s not just scrap that is being taken; metal is being removed from schools, churches and other community hubs. It costs a substantial amount to repair the damage and can lead to these buildings being damaged or closed while repairs are made.

"Metal thefts not only affect buildings, transport links can be disrupted by metal cabling being removed from the infrastructure of the tracks. It also has the potential to carry fatal consequences as criminals go to extreme lengths to dig up cabling, or climb onto roofs to gain access to metal. The thieves risk being electrocuted, falling from a height or even being struck by a train. Innocent members of the public are also susceptible to injury from the damage left behind.

Detective Inspector Andrea Rainey, from the British Transport Police, said: “Metal and cable theft is a blight on our society and has a huge impact on all communities. Our actions, together with an operation conducted by Cumbria Constabulary, should serve as a warning to anyone planning to steal metal.
“Police across the area take this type of crime extremely seriously and we are committed to locating those involved and bringing them to justice.”

Always report suspicious activity to the police, if you see work going on in an unusual time or place, please let us know so we can check whether it is legitimate. Anyone with information about metal thefts can speak to their local police officer or call us on 0845 33 00 247.
People can provide information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Police issue appeal to trace wanted Barrow man

Police are appealing for help from the public to trace a Barrow man who is wanted.

Leon Aaron Fox, 35, from Barrow was released from prison on 25 July after being sentenced for burglary but after breaching his conditions, has been recalled to prison by the Probation Service.

He is now wanted by police.

Officers believe Fox may be in the Barrow area so are appealing to any members of the public who sees him, or knows of his whereabouts, to contact Barrow police on 0845 33 00 247.

Information can also be given to Crimestoppers ANONYMOUSLY by ringing 0800 555 111

Police catch Cockermouth pub selling alcohol to underage customers

Police officers in Cockermouth carried out a test purchasing operation last week and found a local pub selling alcohol to under 18s.

Officers in Allerdale Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team working alongside Trading Standards, sent two test purchasers aged 15 and 16 to buy alcohol in some pubs in Cockermouth on Friday night (22 July).

Both test purchasers were served with alcohol in the first pub they went into. The bar staff who sold the alcohol were issued with £80 fixed penalty notices. Fortunately, three other pubs in the local area challenged the youngsters and they were not served.

PC Alan Irving said: “Earlier this year police worked with licensees to educate staff and highlight the issues surrounding underage drinking in conjunction with Allerdale Licensing Department.
“We have worked hard with local licensees to try and educate them about serving alcohol to under18s and the link between youth related anti-social behaviour and alcohol misuse.
“It is disappointing that despite this hard work, the message is still not getting through to some licensees. A simple request for identification can avoid under18s being served with alcohol and we will continue to carry out test purchase operations in the future to identify those who supply alcohol to youngsters.”

If you have any information about the illegal supply of alcohol, speak to your local police officer or call Cumbria Police on 0845 33 00 247.

To provide information anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Jordan’s Jungle Youth Café

PCSOs in Cockermouth have been working closely with young people and local businesses to open a youth café.

Before the floods in 2009, there was a youth café on Challoner Street which proved to be very popular with youngsters, but this never re-opened and a steady increase of antisocial behaviour was reported.

PCSO Crome and Postlethwaite worked closely with the young people of Cockermouth and found out that they wished for the old youth café to be re-opened. Meetings were held with local businesses, current youth provisions and youth organisations in the town to establish a suitable area for young people to go and meet.

Jordan’s Jungle on Lorton Street, Cockermouth, already has a soft play centre for younger childern and they were willing to help in setting up a new youth café. This opened on Friday July 8th and is proving to be a great success with up to 32 youths attending per night.

To help kick start the café, PCSO Crome successfully managed to secure funding from the Chief Constable’s Police Property Fund, which is money obtained from the sale of unclaimed property and is specifically allocated to funding youth projects in Cumbria. This money has been put towards games machines, a pool table and a table football machine, which are popular with the youngsters.

PCSO Postlethwaite said: ‘We recognised that there were not many places available in Cockermouth for young people to go and with the old youth café never re-opening after the floods, there were even less places, which led to them congregating around residential areas.
“When speaking directly to the youngsters, we were able to establish exactly what they wanted and work with them to help achieve it. Since the café opened, it has already become to be very popular with the Cockermouth youngsters as it gives them a safe place to go, meet up with friends, have fun and stay out of trouble.”

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ex-Accountant ordered to repay £230k to victims

A 62 year old ex-accountant appeared in Carlisle Crown Court yesterday where he was ordered to repay a total of £230,000 to his victims.

John Michael Prescott, 62, of Manor House Drive, Skelmersdale is currently serving a four year sentence for fraud and theft. He appeared in front of Judge Hughes in Carlisle Crown Court yesterday where he was found to have benefited from a total of £230,179.84.

He paid back £30,000 during the investigation, so he was ordered to pay £200,179.84 in compensation to two of his victims. This amount covers the total he stole from them, plus interest.

He has six months to repay the total sum or he faces an additional 2 years 8 months on his current prison sentence.

Prescott was arrested on 7th May 2009 after a 56 year old woman from Windermere contacted police when Prescott, who was employed as her accountant, defrauded her of £100,000. As the investigation progressed, financial investigators discovered that despite being struck off by the Institute of Chartered Accountants and being made bankrupt, he continued working as a financial adviser and duped victims into handing over money - in Cumbria and across the country. He was sentenced to four years imprisonment at Carlisle Crown Court on Thursday 10 June 2010.
He worked as J M Prescott and Co in Warrington and in a family practice in Morecambe.

Financial Investigator, Detective Constable Cath Rogerson said: “I am delighted with the result of yesterday’s confiscation hearing and that the money is being awarded in compensation to his victims.
“Prescott defrauded people out of large amounts of money and by pursuing criminals like him through confiscation; we are able to seek justice for victims to strip them off their assets.
“Prescott used his victims’ money to pay off his own debt and fund his family’s lifestyle – now it is time for him to pay this back. He stands to lose his bank accounts, pension, 100% of his business property in Morecambe and 100% equity in his property in Bowness.
“A criminal investigation doesn’t stop when someone gets put behind bars. A lot of work continues behind the scenes on behalf of victims to ensure that we hit criminals where it really hurts – their pockets.”

Thieves burgle home of elderly woman after she died suddenly

Barrow police are appealing for help from the community after callous thieves targeted the home of an elderly woman hours after she was found dead inside her home.

Police were called on Monday afternoon (25 July), to reports of males acting suspiciously around a property on Earle Street in Barrow. Officers attended and discovered that the house that had been burgled had been visited by police earlier that day when they were called to a non-suspicious sudden death. Police attended the property at around 10am and sadly, found an elderly woman dead inside.

Officers believe that the offenders may have waited for emergency services and undertakers to leave the area before entering the property at around 1pm and stealing a black 32” Panasonic television.

An investigation was launched by police and enquiries led officers to arrest five local men the same afternoon. The television has also been recovered by police.

Detective Constable Cheryl Smith who is investigating said: “This is a shocking crime where it seems that the offender(s) may have used the tragic circumstances as an opportunity to steal a television from an elderly woman who had been found dead a matter of hours before.
“The lady’s family are understandably devastated – they were informed that their relative had died suddenly, and then we had to deliver the news that her house had also been burgled.
“We hope that the community will come forward to provide us with information so that we can bring whoever is responsible for this crime to justice. If you were in the area at the time and witnessed anything suspicious, please contact Barrow CID on 0845 33 00 247.”

Information can also be passed to police anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Five local men aged 20, 23, 21, 20 and 22 were arrested on suspicious of burglary. All have been placed on police bail until 4th and 5th August 2011 while enquiries continue.

Police warn community to be more security conscious

Police officers in Cockermouth are warning the local community to be more vigilant against opportunist thieves.

Officers are trying to raise the awareness of securing outbuildings, sheds and garages against thieves, who will test to see if the buildings are unlocked and then steal anything of value.

Officers are aiming to work with the local communities to prevent further offences by providing crime prevention advice and encouraging people to increase their security. Extra officers will be on patrol throughout the Allerdale Rural area to deter thieves, ensure properties are secured and provide a visible, reassuring presence to the community.

Local residents are being encouraged to reduce the chances of theft from their shed, garage and garden by the following advice:
• Keep your property in a secure garage or shed out of view and keep the door locked. Use a good quality lock or padlock.
• Secure items to an immovable object, or consider installing a ground or wall mounted anchor in conjunction with a cable alarm for extra security.
• Shed and garage alarms can also help to provide additional security and can be purchased from most local hardware / DIY stores.
• Postcode all property and consider purchasing a coding/ marking kit such as Smartwater or Selectamark for more expensive items such as power tools.

Inspector Dennis Kelly said: “Most of us take a great deal of trouble securing our homes and cars, and we would urge people to take the same attitude to securing property in their sheds, gardens and garages.
“Outhouses can often present an easier target than houses for opportunist thieves, so we need to make it as hard as possible for them to target our own property. Use strong locks, secure bikes and other expensive items to ground anchors and think about installing an alarm. These simple, effective measures are relatively inexpensive and provide an effective deterrent to would-be criminals.”

For further crime prevention advice and information contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0845 33 00 247, or visit the Constabulary website at

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Police warn of an old scam with a new twist

Cumbria police are appealing for people to be on their guard against fraudsters after two elderly residents were conned out of over £4,000.

The scam works by fraudsters calling residents, usually elderly or vulnerable people, telling them they are owed money in the form of refunded bank charges or from a payment protection insurance claim.

The caller then asks for an administration fee to process the repayment.

In the most recent cases, the victims were asked to pay the admin fee using UKASH vouchers, which are available in many local stores and are a legitimate money transfer service. To do this, the victim was asked to call back and provide the voucher numbers on the pretence that the person on the other end of the phone could check the money was present before transferring the bogus repayment.

However, once the voucher numbers are passed to the fraudster, they can access the funding and steal it from the victim.

Similar scams have taken place before, with fraudsters calling out of the blue and claiming that the victim is owed money from the following sources:

• The caller claims you have won a lottery, but you need to pay an admin fee to release the funds
• The caller claims they have uncovered an insurance policy in your name, but they require an admin fee to be paid before they can release the funds
• The caller claims you are due a council tax rebate, but you need to provide account details or pay a fee to release the funds
• The caller claims you owe money and will be taken to court

Anyone who receives such a call should either call the organisation back by getting their number from the Yellow Pages to verify their authenticity, or report the matter to police if they are suspicious:

Andy Baines, the Safer & Stronger Communities Officer for Cumbria Constabulary, said: “Anyone who is asked to pay a fee to release money should automatically be wary. In cases involving UKASH vouchers, the victim may think it is OK because the fraudster leads them to believe that they will only cash the voucher after the victim has received the money allegedly due to them. The fraudster asks for the numbers off the voucher as proof that the admin payment is available, but once they’ve got numbers from the voucher, they can access and withdraw the money.
If anyone is using the UKASH voucher scheme, they should only give the voucher number to people who they trust and who they want the money to go to, and I would advise that they treat these vouchers as they would cash.”

Dave Thomson from Age UK South Lakeland said: “It is important that this warning is passed on to elderly or vulnerable friends, neighbours and relatives so that they do not fall foul of these scams.
“Fraudsters are targeting older people who can be trusting and are not always familiar with new technology.”

Andy Baines added: “Recent crimes in Cumbria have come to light through diligent staff at UKASH outlets alerting the victim to the fraud, and we would urge staff members at outlets across the county to continue helping prevent these crimes by giving advice to customers who would not normally be associated with such transactions, or who may seem vulnerable.”

For further information about protecting yourself from financial crime contact the Action Fraud hotline on 0300 123 2040, or visit

If you have any doubts to the validity of anyone’s identification please call Cumbria Constabulary on 0845 3300 247 and an officer will able to give advice on the issue.

Top tips to protect yourself from fraud
Do not give personal details including banking details to anyone either in the street, on the doorstep, over the telephone or on the internet as these details can be used to steal your identity
• Consider registering with the Telephone Preference Service to stop unsolicited telephone calls. This is a free service. Further details can be obtained from or 020 7291 3320. Registration can be made on line or by phone 0845 070 0707
Consider registering with the Mailing Preference Service as this supports the right to choose the mail you wish to receive. Further details can be obtained from or 020 7291 3310. Registration can be made on line or by phone 0845 703 4599. This is a free service.
• Consider only registering for the full register when renewing electoral registrations. Electoral registers are updated every autumn and are lists of all the names and addresses of everyone who is eligible to vote. The full register is used for elections, preventing and detecting crime and checking applications for loans or credit. To ensure your name only appears on the full register you must opt out of appearing on the edited register. To do this you should enter a tick in the ‘edited register’ box. This will prevent personal information being made available for marketing and any other commercial activities. Further information can be found on
If you are a victim of fraudulent activity this can be reported to Action on Fraud at  or telephone 0300 123 2040
• Refunds on services received (Council tax or Inland Revenue etc) will generally be made by the billing authority
Beware of cold calls even when the caller appears to have personal information such as your address or bank account details. Legitimate callers will never be offended if you ask to call back in order to confirm their identity; when doing so always use a phone number that you’ve obtained from previous correspondence or an independent source such as phone book or an official website.

Community complaints result in police action

Police officers in Wigton and Aspatria have take action after residents raised concerns about speeding in the area.

Residents in the local community brought their concerns about speeding and antisocial use of cars to the attention of their local police and a dedicated operation was launched to try and tackle the problems.

The operation ran for two days from 20 July, when officers from the Rural Allerdale Neighbourhood Policing Team, roads policing unit and VOSA worked together to conduct stop checks of vehicles. During the two day period, seven drivers were reported for speeding offences, 23 penalty tickets were issued, mainly in relation to not wearing a seatbelt and three drivers were reported for other road traffic offences. Six drivers were issued with vehicle defect forms and were told to get their vehicles repaired to avoid prosecution.

All of the drivers who were stopped were given advice and education on road safety.

PC Arthur Carter, who led the operation, said “We received a variety of complaints from members of the public and it was clear that motoring offences, the manner of driving in the area, and the condition of some vehicles were causing concern to the residents in the area.
“A multi agency operation was coordinated to tackle these issues. We have received feedback already, which has been positive and we will repeat this operation as and when required.
“Operations such as these highlight what police are doing to influence driver behaviour and educate people on the consequences of dangerous driving. Road safety, collision reduction and antisocial use of motor vehicles are priorities for Cumbria Constabulary.”

For further information about road safety contact Cumbria Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit on 0845 33 00 247 or visit

Monday, 25 July 2011

Suspected loan shark to appear in court.

A 38 year old man from Egremont, Cumbria has been charged with illegal money lending, two counts of money laundering and possession of a class B drug, following an investigation by the England Illegal Money Lending Team, working in partnership with Cumbria County Council’s Trading Standards, and Cumbria Police.

The suspect was arrested in June, after the Team received information from the Police, alleging he was operating an illegal money lending business.

He is bailed to appear before West Allerdale and Keswick Magistrates at 9.30am on Monday 1st August.

Nationally the Stop Loan Shark Project has secured over 190 prosecutions for illegal money lending and related activity, leading to 113 years worth of custodial sentences. They have written off almost £40 million worth of illegal debt and helped over 16,000 victims.

To report a loan shark:
Call the 24/7 confidential hotline 0300 555 2222
Text ‘loan shark + your message’ to 60003

Friday, 22 July 2011

Vandalism caused to charity building

The Age UK charity in Millom, located in The Bradbury Centre on St Georges Road, has been the target of a number of mindless acts of vandalism. There have been 8 reports of criminal damage to the building since March 2011. The vandalism ranges from smashed windows, damage to metal fencing panels and theft of a doorbell. Electrical wires were left exposed after the theft of the doorbell, which could have caused injury to the staff who found the damage.

PC David Slattery said: “Age UK is a charity that offers help and services to elderly and vulnerable people in Millom. As a result of the damage the charity has no other alternative but to pay for the repairs out of the charity’s funds. This has a detrimental affect on the services that Age UK can offer and affects the lives of the people that rely on their support, simply because the money they raise is being used on repairs.”

Always report suspicious activity to the police, if you see anyone in the area of the Bradbury Centre at unusual times, then please contact the police on 0845 33 00 247. If you have any information about this damage, you can contact the police or contact crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Police warn residents of council tax refund scam

Police in Cumbria are alerting residents to a tax refund scam after a number of people reported receiving fraudulent phone calls.

A number of householders from the Carlisle and Allerdale areas have reported receiving calls alleging to be from their local council to discuss a tax refund. The caller then goes on to ask for bank and address details. These calls, however, were fraudulent and were not made by the relevant local councils.

Anyone who has any concerns about the legitimacy of a call from Carlisle City Council should ask for the callers details, and then call them back via their switchboard on 01228 817000.

Anyone who has any concerns about the legitimacy of a call from Allerdale Borough Council should ask for the callers details, and then call them back via their switchboard on 01900 702702.

Anyone wanting to ring Barrow Borough Council to check the legitimacy of a caller should ring the Central Reception on 01229 876314.

Police advise never to give bank details over the phone unless to a trusted source, and never to disclose your PIN number.

If you receive a fraudulent call of this nature, report it to police immediately on 0845 33 00 247, and take down as many details about the caller as possible to assist officers with their enquiries.

Police work with young people to make the most of their summer holidays

Police and partner agencies are urging young people to take part in organised activities to make the most of their summer holidays.

As the schools break up, some young people have very little to do. To try and keep them occupied, partner agencies have organised a vast array of activities, which are taking place all over the county.

These activities include circus training, art workshops, beauty session and military fitness. It is a great opportunity for young people to learn new, fun skills, keep in touch with friends and make new ones.

The aim is to try and keep young people out of trouble and stop them engaging in antisocial behaviour. It is recognised that only a small minority of young people give the rest a bad name, and officers would urge members of the community to be tolerant of young people enjoying their summer break.

Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham, the county’s lead on neighbourhood policing, said: “This is a great opportunity for young people to get the most out of their summer holidays and take part in activities which they normally wouldn’t do. They will be able to learn new skills and meet different people.
“Tackling antisocial behaviour is a priority for police in Cumbria and when we speak to young people who are hanging around on the streets, they always tell us they have nothing to do and nowhere to go. By providing activities we hope to prevent antisocial behaviour before it happens.
We have worked with partner agencies for a number of years to support the activities and entertainment provided for young people. These are designed to distract them from anti-social behaviour, and provide a chance for officers to engage with local young people and build relationships with them.

“We ask the community to be tolerant over the holidays, and urge youngsters to be considerate of other people by playing sports in designated parks, attending some of the activities laid on for them this summer, and by keeping the noise down at night if they are socialising in residential areas.

“If they do cross the line and start to become a nuisance or cause damage, then police will intervene.”

To help parents and youngsters plan their summer break a website is available with details of some of the activities available across Cumbria, many of them free to attend.

Go to

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New speed limit on Cold Fell Road

Police operation reduces injuries to animals on county roads

Police officers have been educating drivers on how to drive safely on county roads in response to a number of collisions involving animals.

In March 2011, the speed limit on the Cold Fell road between Ennerdale to Calderbridge was reduced from 60 MPH and 40 MPH, in a bid to reduce the number of accidents and injuries caused to sheep and horses, who are allowed to roam freely in the area.

Operation Battalion is a dedicated police operation which aims to educate drivers on how to drive safely on the Cold Fell road. Drivers who have been using this road have been stopped by the police and advised how to drive safely and reduce their speed.

Police have received positive feedback from the drivers who were stopped and the farmers in the surrounding area.

PC Kenny MacLeod, said “Since the introduction of the speed limit reduction, farmers have reported a drop in the injuries to sheep and horses on the Cold Fell road.
“We want drivers to remain aware when driving on our county’s country roads and that they should drive safely and in accordance with the conditions.”
Operation Battalion will continue to educate drivers who use the Cold Fell road throughout the summer months and will progress to enforcing the new speed limit.

Have you seen this young man from Whitehaven?

Police are concerned for the welfare of a 15 year old boy, Billy Joe Blacklock, who was last seen at his home in Woodhouse, Whitehaven yesterday (20 July) at around 10:00 am .

He is described as white, medium build, hazel eyes with short dark hair. He is wearing a distinctive black and white patterned "TAP OUT" t-shirt, grey jogging pants and Adidas trainers.

Anyone with any information to his whereabouts, is asked to contact Whitehaven Police on 0845 3300247.

A week in the life of a Community Safety Apprentice

Monday - Drug Dog Training

Today we helped the dog handlers who train the dogs with an exercise which could help train the drug dogs. Along with other apprentices and pupils on work experience we were asked to help them with an activity where the dogs would sniff out for the drugs. We started in the Barrow town centre market where we would stand separately around the market and a few of us would have a small amount of drugs in our pocket, the dog handlers would then walk around with the dogs to find the people with them.

This was a brilliant thing to do because it showed us how they train their dogs and how clever they are. I would definitely like to do something like this again.


Tuesday – Visiting a vulnerable adult
On Wednesday I went to see a vulnerable elderly female with Sharon Livesey, Community Safety Crime Prevention Officer.

We went to visit her to do an assessment to see the possible improvements which could be made on her home, for example her door needed a spy hole so when someone knocks she can see who is there before answering the door. Also Sharon decided she could have a chain lock so in the day when she isn’t going anywhere she can put it across for extra safety in her home.
I thought this was a very good experience for me as I worked with the public and also it gave me an insider on what Sharon does in her job.


Wednesday – Meeting Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy is the South Cumbria, Chief Superintendent.

Today we met Chief Superintendent Paul Kennedy. We got a picture taken and spoke to him about what we have done so far in the apprenticeship and what we hope to do as an apprentice. He also asked us what we would like to do when we leave this placement and what we hope to achieve from the experience. This was a very good opportunity as he is very high up in the workplace and shows me if I ever need any help or advice he is there for guidance.


Thursday – CADAS Drug course

CADAS is an organisation which helps people with drug and alcohol problems. They do training groups, hold different events and train volunteers to help them. I went along to one of the training days to learn about drug and alcohol awareness and the different effects they have on you. During the day I learnt about different drug types, the harms they have on you and your body and alcohol.
I thought this would be a good thing to do as in the future of my apprenticeship I could be asked to make advice booklets or give talks to young people about drugs and alcohol.


Friday – Junior Citizens Scheme
Today I went down to Barrow fire station with Mike Brown along with PCSO’s and volunteers to show year 6 pupils from various schools different safety procedures you may need to know. They call this the ‘Junior Citizen Scheme’. While other people were presenting the different scenarios about safety, I was paired up with a CADAS member who was telling the pupils different safety things they may need to know about drugs and alcohol and what is safe and unsafe.

To do this we had a poster on 2 walls, one said ‘Safe’ and the other said ‘Unsafe’. When the pupils came in we introduced ourselves and told them what we will be doing in the short time we are with them. Once they understood what we were doing we told them a scenario and asked them if they thought it was safe or unsafe and told them to walk to the wall with the poster on. There were 6 different scenarios about drugs and alcohol.

The groups had 4-6 pupils in and we would spend around 10-15 minutes with each group. This gave us chance to explain the safety of drugs and alcohol and present 2 different scenarios.

In the morning I spoke a few times and helped the CADAS member but in the afternoon they had to leave and I was on my own to present the safety to the children myself. I got quite nervous at first as I have never done anything like this in front of so many groups but as they were only year 6 pupils I got more confident as the afternoon went on. It also helped that I had already been to one of the CADAS courses which was about drugs and alcohol and this gave me more knowledge on what I was telling the pupils.

This was a really good opportunity for me as it has boosted my confidence a lot and I can volunteer for other things like this more.


Written by Community Safety Apprentice, Simone Bradbury, aged 18

County council awards new contract to tackle domestic violence in Cumbria

Impact Housing is the chosen supplier to provide a countywide support service for victims of domestic violence, Cumbria County Council has announced.

Tackling domestic violence is a priority for the county council in ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our communities receive the support they need. The £400,000 a year Let Go service that Impact Housing provide aims to help reduce re-referrals, ensure increased safety and improve the health and well being of domestic violence victims and their families.

A successful multi agency partnership has been developed in Cumbria over the past six years, with the county council playing a key role. Partnership working is having a real impact. Figures show that around 60 per cent of domestic abuse victims report no further violence against them. Additionally, over 700 domestic violence cases have been heard in specialist domestic violence courts in the county last year with an overall conviction rate of almost 78 per cent, compared to the national figure of 73 per cent.

Domestic abuse is still nationally a chronic problem which is vastly underreported.  However, in Cumbria figures show that there were 5,590 incidents of domestic violence reported to the police last year. This shows that victims here feel more confident to report this crime and seek help; one of our key aims.

Anne Burns, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care said: "The awarding of this contract underlines the council’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable people in our society. I'm confident that the Let Go service provided by Impact Housing will continue to support victims of domestic violence and also reduce the number of repeat referrals within the county.

"They have everything in place to provide a consistent, countywide service with highly trained advisors on hand to support victims and their families and help keep them safe from harm and further abuse. I would encourage anyone suffering from domestic violence to make contact with the Let Go Service on 01768 892179."

On average two women are killed every week as a result of domestic violence in the UK and one in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Patrols increased in Cockermouth to tackle bike thefts

Police officers in Cockermouth are increasing their patrols in a response to an increase in thefts of bicycles.

Since 10th July, there have been a number of bicycles stolen from the rear of properties in the town centre, which the police are continuing to investigate.

In an effort to prevent further incidents, there will be extra patrols and officers are stopping anyone who maybe using a bicycle which is suspected to have been stolen.

Local residents are also being encouraged to reduce the chances of theft from their shed, garage and garden by the following advice:
• Keep your property in a secure garage or shed out of view and keep the door locked. Use a good quality lock or padlock.
• Secure items to an immovable object, or consider installing a ground or wall mounted anchor in conjunction with a cable alarm for extra security.
• Shed and garage alarms can also help to provide additional security and can be purchased from most local hardware / DIY stores.
• Postcode all property and consider purchasing a coding/ marking kit such as Smartwater or Selectamark for more expensive items such as bikes.

PC Alan Taylor said: “Outhouses can often present an easier target than houses for opportunist thieves, so we need to make it as hard as possible for them to target. Try and install strong locks onto outbuildings and sheds and if you have to leave property in a yard, try to use ground anchors. These simple, effective measures are relatively inexpensive and provide an effective deterrent to would-be criminals.”

For further crime prevention advice and information contact your Neighbourhood Policing Team  on 0845 33 00 247, or visit the Constabulary website at

Kendal Police wish to reassure parents about suspicious man.

Police in Kendal wish to reassure parents after receiving reports over the last year that an Asian male of varying descriptions had allegedly been seen acting suspiciously around children in the town. Detectives have conducted a full and thorough investigation into every report received and are yet to establish any evidence that any offence has taken place.

Officers have interviewed a number of men during the course of their enquiries and are yet to find evidence of any attempted abduction of a child. No-one has been charged with any related offences.

Detective Sergeant Mark Jacobs has led the Police investigation. He said: “A number of concerned parents have contacted the Police after hearing rumours and speculation. Each of these reports has been rigorously investigated but we are yet to uncover any evidence of an actual crime being committed. I totally appreciate parents’ instincts to be protective of their children but, on the whole, most of the reports relate only to a man acting strangely.

“We do understand the anxiety caused when rumours like this go around. I’d encourage anyone to contact the Police whenever they have genuine concerns about strangers acting suspiciously in the community, especially where children may be involved. We will continue to work closely with the community to ensure that Kendal remains a safe place for everybody to live.”

Police urge victims of hate crime to report incidents at Third Party

In a bid to encourage victims of hate crime to come forward, police are working with community centres and support groups across Cumbria to provide Third Party Reporting Centres.

Hate crime is where someone is targeted because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or because of a disability. Victims may not feel comfortable approaching the police, so Third Party Reporting Centres offer a safe, neutral location where victims or witnesses can report an incident without having to speak directly to a police officer.

There are 79 Third Party Reporting Centres across Cumbria, 38 of which are in North Cumbria, in community centres and support groups in Carlisle, Brampton, Longtown and Penrith.

Victims or witnesses can visit these locations and complete a form at the centre – help is available if required – or take the form away to complete at home or another safe environment. These forms are then forwarded to police, anonymously if preferred.

PC Julie Dodd, Equality Officer for North Cumbria Police, said: “We know that many hate crimes go unreported, either because victims don’t want to bother police, don’t feel comfortable visiting a police station and talking about their experiences to an officer, or who might not want friends and neighbours to see an officer visiting their home.

“Third Party Reporting Centres make it easier for victims of hate crime to come forward in an environment where they feel confident and comfortable. They provide a safe, neutral location where victims and witnesses can report incidents without having to visit a police station.

“Offenders should not be allowed to get away with targeting people just because they think they are different, and we can only take action if we know that something has happened.

“Cumbria Constabulary is committed to supporting the most vulnerable members of the community and want to paint a true picture of hate crime across the county, so please report incidents using Third Party Reporting Centres if you do not want to speak direct to an officer. By working together we can stamp out hate crime in Cumbria."

Bill Parkin, Project Manager at the Heathlands Project, runs a Third Party Reporting Centre where people with learning difficulties, their families and friends can report incidents to support workers who really understand the issues they face.

He said: “Our Third Party Reporting Centre provides a safe place, where people with disabilities and their families feel free to report a crime to people they trust and are familiar with. It can also often be impractical or intimidating for people with disabilities to access police stations and use the telephone.

“An example of a crime that has been reported in this way is a person with disability who was being taken advantage of financially. The case was reported and police took immediate action.

“I would encourage anyone who suffers or witnesses a hate crime to use a Third Party Report Centre if, for whatever reason, they do not want to speak direct to police, so that we can stamp out hate crime in Cumbria.”

It can be much easier to talk to someone from your own community, who has shared the same experiences, so many of our reporting centres are run by support groups such as DaCE – where people with disabilities can report incidents, Action for the Blind – where blind or partially sighted people might be more comfortable reporting an incident, or the Vistula Polish Association – where members of the Polish community can report an incident to someone who speaks their own language.

As well as specialist support groups, Community Centres such as the Botcherby Community Centre, the Longtown Community Centre and the Appleby Medical Centre provide more general Third Party Reporting Centres where anyone who suffers or witnesses a hate crime can pick up a form and report an incident.

Cumbria Police also run workshops to help people identify hate crime, and explain how people can report it. Contact PC Julie Dodd at or call 0845 33 00 247 for further information.

A full list if Third Party Reporting Centres is available on the Cumbria Police website at

Derbyshire murderer arrested by Cumbrian officers is sentenced to life

A murderer arrested by officers in West Cumbria received a life long jail term in Nottingham Crown Court yesterday.

48 year old Andrew Dawson from Derbyshire was sentenced in Nottingham Crown Court on Monday after he admitted murdering his two neighbours, John David Matthews and Paul Hancock last year.

Dawson was tackled by Cumbria police officers in Whitehaven on 30 July 2010 after Cumbria Constabulary was informed by Derbyshire police that Dawson, who was wanted for murder, may have entered the county.

Officers in Cumbria received a call from Derbyshire police at around 3.30am on 30 July 2010 stating that Dawson may have travelled to Cumbria. A description of Dawson was circulated to officers and enquiries led police to believe that Dawson may be in West Cumbria.

At around 6.30am on 30 July, officers identified a man matching Dawson’s description at Whitehaven harbour. He tried to flee from officers and refused to comply with them. He was tasered in order to facilitate a safe arrest and ensure that he posed no further risk to the public. He was armed with knives and an axe at the time of his arrest.

The officers involved in the arrest were PC Gail Buchanan, Sergeant Graham Boyd, PC Sarah Bewick and Sergeant Jim Lloyd. PC Rachel Farmer, who received the National Pride of Britain Award in 2009, also helped. They each received Certificates of Merit last month for their bravery and professionalism during the incident.

Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham said: “I am extremely proud of the officers who apprehended Dawson last July.
“Cumbria Constabulary acted quickly and as soon as we received information from Derbyshire police a search was launched. Within a few hours of learning that he may be in our county, officers on duty in Whitehaven had successfully arrested Dawson– despite the fact that he was armed.
“The incident is another example of officers putting themselves into dangerous situations to protect the public, which of course is a key element of our role. These officers took positive action to minimize the risk that Dawson presented to the public and are a credit to Cumbria Constabulary.”

Sergeant Graham Boyd was one of the officers who assisted with the arrest. He said: “A description was given over our airwaves and we began a search for a man who was wanted for murder. During this search I was told that if located him, a full firearms assessment would be required due to the threat that he posed to the public.
“Very quickly afterwards, we located a man on the harbour at Whitehaven. He matched the description and was carrying a large rucksack. Initially he was compliant but lied about his identity because he gave us two different surnames. He then tried to elbow myself and PC Rachel Farmer in the face and a struggle began before he broke free and ran into the water.
“He then got out of the harbour and began to act threateningly towards us. He tried to run from us before cornering himself on one of the harbour walkways. He began to act aggressively again so I deployed Taser to ensure that I could arrest him safely and he would not pose a danger to the public.”

CCTV that captures part of the incident at Whitehaven harbour before his arrest can be found on Derbyshire police’s website:  

John David Matthews and Paul Hancock were killed in their own flats in Waterford Drive, Chaddesden in July 2010. Dawson was a neighbour of the two men in the same flats complex. He visited the flat of 66 year old Mr Matthews on July 10th and attacked him on the doorstep, stabbing him 18 times. Dawson then cleaned up and placed Mr Matthew’s body in the bath and filled it with water and bleach.

On July 25th Dawson visited the flat of 59 year old Mr Hancock and stabbed him to death. He started to clean up but was disturbed as he heard police officers attending Mr Matthew’s flat downstairs after work colleagues reported they were concerned about him not turning up for his shifts. So he placed Mr Hancock’s body in the bath and filled it with water, returned to his own flat and left to get a train to Ormskirk.

Officers found Mr Matthews’s body that night and discovered Mr Hancock after neighbours contacted police on July 30th after being concerned at not seeing him.

Dawson was identified as a suspect and traced to Whitehaven in Cumbria in the early hours of July 30th by local police.

Redeveloped police station opens in Kendal

Kendal police station has opened its upgraded custody suite following a 17 month redevelopment project.

The police station, which is situated on Busher Walk in the town, now includes a new ten-cell state-of-the-art custody suite and a more pronounced reception area for the general public.

The £2.5million refurbishment started in November 2009 and was officially opened yesterday, Tuesday 19 July, by Vice Chair of the Police Authority, Lynda Shaw.

Pictured (left - right) Inspector Tudor Griffiths, Ex-Chair of the Kendal Custody Visitors Beryl Greenwood, Vice Chair of Cumbria Police Authority Lynda Shaw, Andy Hampshire from Cumbria Police Authority, Chief Superintendent Paul Kennedy and Chair of Kendal Custody Visitors, Diane Fenton
 Lynda said: “We are fortunate to have been able to invest in the refurbishment of some outdated facilities in Kendal police station during such a tight financial climate.
“This project began before the budget cuts were announced and was designed to redevelop the custody suite which was reaching the end of its shelf life.
“The station now has the best and most affordable facilities so that officers and staff have the right environment and resources to continue providing a high level of service to the Kendal community, now and in the future.”

Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde added: “I am grateful to the Police Authority for their investment in the redevelopment of Kendal police station.
“At a time when the Constabulary faces the difficult challenge of providing high levels of service in the face of shrinking budgets, £2.5million is a significant sum to invest. However, the redevelopment was essential and will actually save us money in the future.
“In 2009, some of the station’s facilities were almost at the end of their shelf life and if ignored, would have breached legal requirements and potentially cost the Constabulary a lot more.
“This project is an investment for the future - Kendal now has a station with facilities that will serve the community for decades to come.”

Photographs on the police website show the new custody suite, the redeveloped public reception and the plaque being unveiled by Vice Chair of the Police Authority, Lynda Shaw yesterday. To go directly to the page of the police website please click on the following link:

UK’s ‘best small festival’ returns to Cumbria

Top tips to stay safe at Kendal Calling music festival

Cumbria is set to welcome a crowd of 10,000 and a host of top performing artists as Kendal Calling returns to Penrith.

From Friday 29th to Sunday 31st July, Lowther Deer Park will host the Kendal Calling music festival, which was voted best small festival 2010.

Cumbria Constabulary has been working in partnership with festival organisers to ensure the weekend runs like clockwork and is enjoyable and safe for all those attending.

Chief Inspector Mark Pannone, who is leading the police operation for the event, said: “Kendal Calling has gone from strength to strength and is a real boost for the local area. Months of planning have gone in to ensuring the event runs smoothly and is safe and enjoyable for everyone attending.
“We will have extra police officers in the area to maintain public safety, prevent crime and ensure traffic runs as smoothly as possible at the beginning and end of the festival.
The whole point of going to a festival is to enjoy music and have fun with likeminded people, so we would urge everyone attending Kendal Calling to take a few extra precautions to stay safe and prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime.
Tents are not secure, so don’t take valuable items with you unless you really have to, and keep phones and cameras on your person. Look out for one another, and arrange a meeting point in advance, so you can find each other if you get separated.
Illegal drug use is not tolerated in Cumbria, and this applies to festivals as much as anywhere else. Do not take drugs to Kendal Calling. People will be searched on their way in and anyone caught with illegal substances will be banned from entering and may face police arrest. There will be a ‘drugs amnesty bin’ at the entrance to the festival.
“Give yourself plenty of time to travel to the festival as local roads will be busy.”

Top Tips to enjoy a fun and safe Kendal Calling:
• Look after yourself and each other – stay together and plan somewhere to meet if you get separated
• Look after your things. Keep your phone, bag, money, camera etc. out of sight – don’t draw attention to your stuff
• Drink responsibly. Binge drinking makes you vulnerable and you’ll have a much better time if you don’t overdo it
• Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know or trust
• Keep your drink with you at all times. If it looks or tastes suspicious don’t drink it
• Look out for your friends and make sure they get home safely
• Don’t walk home from the event – the roads will be dark and busy
• Never accept lifts from strangers or unregistered taxis
• Have fun and stay safe!

For further information about Kendal Calling visit their website:

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Officers in West Cumbria tackle supply of Mephedrone

An on-going operation in West Cumbria aims to break the supply of Mephedrone in the area.

Operation Broader Sweep has been successfully targeting the supply of Mephedrone, with warrants being executed and significant quantities of Mephedrone being seized.

Police officers also aim to educate the local community about Mephedrone and the danger of using the substance by distributing leaflets detailing the effects of Mephedrone and the risks in taking it.

Mephedrone, also known as meow meow, bubble or drone used to be a legal high but since last year, has been a classified as a Class B controlled drug. This means anyone who attempts to supply the drug could be given up to 14 years in prison.

Detective Inspector Mark Backhouse said: “People are attracted to Mephedrone as it has similar effects to ecstasy or amphetamine but the effects can be unpredictable. Some people who have used the substance have been rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties, dizziness, nose bleeds, increased heart rates, depression, psychosis and diarrhoea. Others have experienced heart failure, fallen into a coma and tragically, two teenagers from Lincoln have died.
“We will continue to target those who insist on bring illegal substances into our county and I am pleased with the success of the operation so far.
“In Cumbria, we want to do all we can to educate our communities about the risk posed when taking any illegal substances. They can ruin lives, pull families apart and cause huge damage to communities. We want to reduce its availability and send a clear message that Mephedrone is illegal and dangerous.”

Anyone with information about illegal drug use or supply in their community is urged to contact Cumbria police on 0845 33 00 247 or pass on details anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

If you think someone you know has a drugs problem and needs help please contact FRANK, which is a completely confidential service and can be contacted via:, by calling 0800 77 66 00 or by texting 82111.

For more information about drugs and the law or for help and advice visit any of the following sites:;;;

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cumbria remains one of the safest places in England and Wales

Statistics published today by the Home Office reveal that Cumbria has one of the lowest rates of crime in England and Wales.

The annual statistics show that crime is down by 4% in Cumbria, from 28,234 in 09/10 to 27,048 in 2010/11, representing 1,186 fewer victims of crime. It also reveals that Cumbria has the lowest rate of crime in England outside London’s square mile.

Tackling antisocial behaviour was the top priority for communities across Cumbria, and the annual statistics reveal that incidents of this nature fell by 11 per cent: from 37,174 reported incidents in 09/10 to 32,929 in 10/11.

The statistics also confirm that rates of burglary are the lowest in the North West, down by 15%, that criminal damage is down by 7%, violence against the person is down by 5% and vehicle crime is down by 17%. In fact, Cumbria has the lowest rate of vehicle crime in England outside the City of London, with a 53% fall in the number of incidents of vehicle interference, a 15% fall in the number of vehicles stolen and a 12% fall in the number of thefts from vehicles.

The number of drug offences in Cumbria rose last year by 8%, from 1,684 in 09/10 to 1,817 in 10/11, however, 96% of these were detected by police.

The number of sexual offences rose slightly from 385 in 09/10 to 391 in 10/11, and robbery also saw a rise from 47 offences in 09/10 to 66 in 10/11. Detection rates for robbery remain one of the highest in England and Wales, with 67% of robberies successfully detected by Cumbria Police.

Detection rates generally continue to rise, up from 25% in 2002/03 to 40% in 2010/11.

Confidence in Cumbria Constabulary remains high with 62% of local people saying police do an excellent or good job. 56% of people also say they are confident that Cumbria has a fair criminal justice system and 45% say they were confident the county has an effective criminal justice system.

Chief Constable Craig Mackey said: “I am pleased with our performance and happy that crime remains low in Cumbria.
“Tackling antisocial behaviour is the top priority for local communities, so a fall of eleven per cent in this category is particularly pleasing. We will continue to work closely with local residents and partner agencies to focus on the issues and concerns that matter most in each community. Our low rates of burglary also highlight that Cumbria is a safe place to live, work and visit.
“It is thanks to the strong links that police have with local communities that we are able to successfully tackle crime in Cumbria. We will continue to focus on neighbourhood policing, and encourage people to share their views and priorities with us via community and online meetings, so that we can make sure we continue tackling the issues that matter most to local people.
“The challenge for Cumbria Constabulary now is to maintain low rates of crime in a difficult financial climate. We will do everything we can to minimise the affect of budget cuts on frontline policing, and will continue to work closely with local communities to make Cumbria safer.”

Ray Cole, Chairman of Cumbria Police Authority, the policing watchdog for Cumbria, said: “The Police Authority commends the Constabulary’s continued high level of performance over the last twelve months. We welcome the considerable reductions in antisocial behaviour incidents, burglaries and other types of crime, which we know are of great concern to local communities. The Authority supports the Constabulary’s work and will continue to scrutinise the performance of the force to ensure we maintain low rates of crime in Cumbria.”

The statistics can be viewed online at

Report A Loan Shark In Confidence

Wanting to report a loan shark?  Check out this website that was created by the goverment. Get information and speak to someone in strict confidence.

Posted by Shannen May, Community Safety Apprentice

Loan Shark Advert

Just a short advert that is still showing on our TV screens about Loan Sharks. Take A Quick Look....

Posted by ShannenMay,  Community Safety Apprentice

Family tribute to Kieran Plaskett

The family of Kieran Plaskett, 17, from Rosthwaite, have paid tribute to a much loved son, who died on Wednesday 13th July following a collision on the B5289 at Borrowdale.

A statement from the family said; “It is with great sadness that Kieran has been so tragically taken from us. "Punge" as he was known by his many friends had just commenced an apprenticeship three days ago and was looking forward to following his dreams and his desire of being a mechanic. His motorbike gave him the freedom that he longed for and the chance to further his studies at college. He was a bubbly big softie who would never see anyone stuck, if he could help he would. Kieran will be painfully missed by his family and friends.”

Kieran from Rosthwaite, was riding his 125cc motorbike at around 5:50 pm on Wednesday 13th July, from Keswick toward Borrowdale, when he was in a collision with another a vehicle, a black VW Golf being driven by a 66 year old female from Devon. The driver of the VW sustained no injuries.

An investigation into the cause of the collision is ongoing by West Cumbria’s Roads Policing Unit. Any witnesses, or anyone with information who saw a dark coloured motorbike being ridden from Keswick toward Borrowdale is urged to contact Workington Police Station on 0845 33 00 247

Emergency charity chest wax

Staff from Cumbria’s blue-light emergency services will be joining forces this weekend to raise funds for charity.

A local fireman, an Emergency Medical Technician from the North West Ambulance Service and a police Dispatcher will face one of their most testing challenges so far when they bare all at a charity chest wax in aid of ‘CLIC Sargent’ and ‘The Sick Children’s Trust’.

From left to right, police dispatcher Scott Thompson, Rob Farmer from the North West Ambulance Service and Fireman Steve Reid with Laura Mounsey
The charity event will take place at The Turf Tavern in Carlisle on Saturday 16th July from 3pm.

The charities both provide much needed support to children with cancer, and other illnesses, and their families. They were chosen by 13-yr-old Laura Mounsey, from Penrith, who has been diagnosed as having a brain tumour, and is currently undergoing treatment. Her bravery, determination and courage inspired her paramedic Grandma, Christine Grierson from Penrith, to organise the event.

She said: “Laura has shown so much courage and determination during this ordeal and has still kept smiling. Laura chose these two charities as the practical help given by them eased the burden on her mum Sandra and siblings Matthew, 7, and Katie, 5. The money will be used to help other families in similar situations as every day ten families are told their child has Cancer.”

Laura added: “I am looking forward to finding out how much money we can raise and to hopefully seeing three grown men cry!”

Not having her own hairy chest to wax, Christine drafted in colleague Rob Farmer from the North West Ambulance Service, together with Scott Thompson from the Cumbria Police communications centre and Fireman Steve Reid, who will all face the wax strip together.

Scott Thompson said: ”After seeing the support these two charities have given Laura and her family I was more than happy to participate in the waxing. I just hope lots of people come along on the day to support us. I’m glad there’s going to be a few Paramedics there for the after care.”

The event promises to be a great family day out with a police car, police motorbike, ambulance and a fire engine on display. There will also be stalls and a bouncy castle to keep the kids entertained and a raffle with prizes donated from local businesses from Carlisle and Penrith and hopefully a flyby visit from the Cumbria Air Ambulance. This will be followed in the evening by a disco and karaoke.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Family pay tribute to Ian Douglas

The family of Ian Douglas, who sadly died on 10 July 2011, have paid tribute to a loving family man.

A statement from the family said: “Ian was a really loving and caring partner, friend, father, grandfather, brother and son. He will be deeply and sadly missed by us all”

Former Detective Superintendent Ian Douglas from Summerfields, Dalston, retired from Cumbria Constabulary eleven years ago after being widowed by his wife, Judith.

Paramedics were called to Summerfields, Dalston on 10 July 2011 and despite attempts by friends and paramedics, Mr Douglas sadly died.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Police update on Operation Ulterior

Police in Workington and Maryport are successfully targeting drug dealers and users in an operation codenamed “Operation Ulterior”.

The operation specifically targets ‘street level’ drug users and dealers who are affecting the quality of life for local residents due to the associated crime and disorder they cause.

In June, officers made 34 arrests for possession of controlled drugs and possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply. This is the highest number of arrests made in any one month since the operation was launched on the 7th February 2011.

Since the launch of the operation, 143 people have been arrested for drug offences in the area. Officers have recovered quantities of heroin, cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis with a street value of approximately £80,000.

The latest Magistrates Court warrant executed on 28th June in Workington resulted in a male aged 53 and a female aged 21, both from the Workington area, being arrested for possession of controlled drugs.

Sergeant Graeme Hodkin said: “The success of the operation is a result of the intelligence we have received and continue to receive from local communities. Throughout this operation our aim has been to keep the community informed, which has proven to be successful as more people have come forward with information.
“We have disrupted the activity of those people who are involved with drugs within Workington and Maryport. This would not have been possible without the community input and I would urge members of the public to continue to contact us if they have information about the misuse of drugs in their local area, in order for us to continue to have an impact. By working together we can improve the quality of life in Workington and Maryport.”

If you have any information about illegal drugs use or supply, please speak to your local Neighbourhood Police Officer or call Cumbria Constabulary on 0845 33 00 247. To provide information anonymously, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Police hail recent operation a success

Police in Workington are hailing a dedicated operation to tackle a recent rise in vehicle crime a success.

Whilst car crime is at an all-time low in the Workington area, there was a noticeable increase at the beginning of June in the town centre and Moorclose areas.

In order to tackle the issue, extra patrols were deployed to hot stop areas in an effort to dissuade criminal activity, reassure the public and provide help or advice if needed. PCSO’s also distributed information leaflets to residents to advise them on how to improve the security of their vehicles and prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime.

As a result of the increased police activity, eleven people have been arrested for offences of theft from vehicles or vehicle interference. Stolen property was also recovered, including car stereos, bank cards and tools.

As a direct result of this operation, the following have recently appeared at West Allerdale Court;

Nicholas Petre aged 35 from Edinburgh Road, Maryport, appeared at West Allerdale Court on 22 June 2011 in relation to a number of thefts from vehicles and was sentenced to 162 days in prison

Eddie Coid, aged 24 and Gemma Rice, aged 20 both from Alexander Close, Workington, appeared in West Allerdale Magistrates Court on 30 June 2011 in relation to a number of offences including, interfering with motor vehicles, causing damage to 12 vehicles, handling stolen goods, theft from vehicles, fraud and drug offences.

Both pleaded guilty and Coid was sentenced to 70 days in prison and Rice is to be sentenced in 3 weeks.

Others who have been arrested have been released while officers continue enquiries.

Sergeant Alison Vasey said: “This operation was a great success, with significant arrests being made. These people were brought to justice quickly and were given custodial sentences at court.
“Although car crime in Workington is low, if there is an increase, then we will tackle this quickly and effectively.
“I would urge everyone to think about what they are leaving in their vehicles, particularly overnight. Items such as phones, bags and tools can encourage opportunist thieves to strike.”

For more crime prevention advice speak to your local officer or call Cumbria police on 0845 33 00 247 or visit

Friday, 8 July 2011

Webchat with Ulverston & Lakes Police

Communities in the Ulverston and Lake District areas are invited to log on and chat to the neighbourhood police officers about the issues that affect them.

Inspector Kevin Spedding, Sgt Rupert Johnston and Sgt Ken Jewell will be online between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday 9th July 2011.

Sgt Jewell said: "Anyone who has an interest in the Ulverston & Lakes areas can log on and chat to us about anything to so with policing in the local area. Ask questions, debate issues, get the facts straight from the police officers responsible for the delivery of policing in your community."

To join the webchat, log on to  between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday 9th July.

Inspector Kevin Spedding can be seen on the video below talking about bike security.....

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wanted man appeal from West Mercia Police

Renewed Appeal Over Suspected Shropshire Conman

Police searching for a man wanted in connection with reports from dozens of shops and businesses about false claims of collecting for charity today renewed an appeal for the public’s help in finding him.

Officers from West Mercia Police believe Nicholas Slocombe, aged 28, is travelling around the country and has recently been in the Lincolnshire area and prior to that may have been in the Newtown area of Powys, Mid Wales.

Mr Slocombe, who is also believed to use other names including Owen Roswell and Arron Renfry, was arrested in April 2011 on suspicion of more than 30 allegations of fraud by false representation across Shropshire and Herefordshire.

He was interviewed and released on police bail pending further enquiries. He failed to answer his bail in May and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Police Constable Steve Perry is heading up the West Mercia Police investigation in conjunction with Cheshire and Staffordshire Police forces, where similar incidents have also taken place.
“We had reports from a large number of shops and businesses across Shropshire and Herefordshire in the early part of this year, saying they had been visited by a man claiming to be either collecting for or gathering sponsorship for a run in aid of a leukaemia charity,” he said.
“Mr Slocombe was arrested on suspicion of these offences and has since failed to answer police bail.
“We have recently received information from Lincolnshire Police that similar incidents have reportedly taken place in the Bailgate area of Lincoln, only this time the person asking for money claims it is for injured troops in Afghanistan.
“Police also want to speak to Mr Slocombe in connection with these incidents and I urge anyone who might knows of his whereabouts or who recognises his photograph to please contact West Mercia Police on 0300 333 3000.”

PC Perry said Mr Slocombe was believed to travel extensively across the UK, usually using trains, and could potentially be anywhere.

He also urged any shop or business approached by persons asking for sponsorship or donations to make thorough checks before handing over any money.

Always contact whichever charity they claim to be collecting on behalf of to check their credentials before handing over any money,” he added.

You can provide information to the police ANONYMOUSLY by ringing Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Police to help make Maryport Carnival successful event

Police and event organisers have been working together to ensure that Maryport Carnival remains a safe and enjoyable event for all.

The traditional parade through the Main Street in Maryport will take place on Saturday 9th July.

Unfortunately, in the past, there has been a small minority of trouble-makers who have caused problems in the form of alcohol related disorder. This year, extra police patrols will be out on the streets to ensure that the event runs smoothly, deal with any disorder and prevent breaches of the peace.

Officers will work with licensees and registered door supervisors to monitor behaviour during the carnival. Anyone arrested for an alcohol related offence will be put forward to the Pubwatch committee for consideration to be barred from local licensed premises, which can last for several years depending on the offence.

Sergeant Gemma Rushforth said: “Maryport enjoys low levels of alcohol related antisocial behaviour and the police and local community want to ensure this continues during this event.
“The volunteers from the carnival committee have put a lot of work into organising the day for the whole community of Maryport to ensure the day will be enjoyable and safe for everyone who attends.
“The Carnival committee has obtained a road closure order this year for the duration of the event. In previous years, it has been the responsibility of the police to escort the Carnival. The decision to close the road means that we will be able to focus more on patrolling the event and engaging with spectators.”

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Police investigating a racially aggravated assault in a Barrow pub are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Police investigating a racially aggravated assault in a Barrow pub are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

On Saturday 2nd at around 1pm, two males entered the King Alfred Public House in Walney. They were initially served but the new owner of the pub was later informed that they had been barred from the pub by the previous landlord due to their behaviour.

When they two males went back in a few hours later at around 4.45pm, they were informed that they would not be served and were barred from the premises. The offenders then began to shout racist abuse at the member of staff and threw numerous bar stools at him which resulted in an injury to his hand. He did not attend hospital. Police were called and the two males left.

The offenders were topless and one was covered in tattoos. Both had short hair and had a small Staffordshire terrier type dog with them.

A 27 year old Barrow man has been arrested on suspicion of assault ABH. He has been placed on police bail until 18 August while enquiries continue.

Police are investigating and any witnesses to the incident or anyone with information is urged to contact DC Matthew Ray at Barrow police station on 0845 33 00 247.

Information can be passed to police ANONYMOUSLY by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 - you have no need to say who you are.